Accommodations and Facilities

There are nine campsites in the Simien Mountains National Park as well as three community lodges. There is generally a toilet and source of water at each campsite, although there are a few exceptions: Ambiko has no water source, Sona has no toilet and Arkwasiye has neither water nor a toilet. All water should be treated; water purification services are not provided. At the campsites, you can usually buy eggs, sheep and sometimes bread from local communities. The campsites at Sankaber, Gich and Chennek have cold showers.

Community lodges also provide toilets and running water as well as simple Ethiopian food. Beds and blankets are also provided. The community lodge at Gich has a cold shower, although you can pay extra to have warm water.

There are also options for more luxurious accommodation at the Simien Lodge and the forthcoming Limalimo Ecolodge. You can find more information in the directory at the back of this book.

View directory here.

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