What do I need to know about traveling responsibly in Ethiopia?

See our Visitor Code of Conduct – click here

How much experience in mule riding is necessary?

Many of our visitors have never ridden a mule before and come back highly satisfied with their newly acquired skills. It takes only minutes to learn the essentials for being able to let oneself be carried by a horse. Trotting and galloping can be avoided to make you feel safe. Otherwise you can still opt for walking which is just as fast as riding but rather more exhausting. For groups it is a practical option to take fewer horses than there are members for some to walk and some to ride alternatively

Do the guides speak foreign languages?

The guides speak reasonable English. As for other languages, they will try to communicate, however a basic knowledge of English is required.

How soon do we have to make bookings?

The facilities and guides are especially busy during the peak seasons of Christmas and Easter, so you should book as far ahead as possible. At all times booking is required at least a day in advance.

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