Simien Community Trekking

Simien_Mountains_National_Park_MapSimien_Mountains_MapSimien Mountains’ Community Trekking (SIMCOT): is an Austrian Government Development Co-operation Project (IDP) financed measure started in November 2007 with the cooperation of Amhara Trade Industry and Urban Development Bureau, Trade tourism and Transport Division. The objective is to develop and introduce a consolidated approach for Eco-tourism that can be replicated in other areas and that enhances the sustainable utilization of the natural resources. They lead tours to the Simien Mountains and are also members of the local guide association. Website:  Phone:  + 251 (0) 913644690

  • Simien Mountains Mobile Medical Service delivers free, essential medical care to remote villages in Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains, a UNESCO world heritage site and home to quarter of a million people. They employ mobile nurses who travel between mountain villages providing general medical care, health education, immunizations as well as antenatal and postnatal care in areas inaccessible by other means. They also run a small clinic providing inpatient and outpatient care as well as delivery services for expectant mothers.
  • Ambaras School
    If you are travelling through Ethiopia you will be amazed by the beauty of the country but many travellers also notice the poverty of the local people is still widespread and ask our local guides if there is anything they can do to help. It is not advised to give pens, bottles or money to children who are begging as it will make them quit school because they will learn that begging is more profitable than attending school.We believe that it is better to donate in bulk to a school or an organized project. This way the gifts are evenly and fairly spread among the children and they are encouraged to get an education.The Ambaras school lies in the Simien mountains, roughly between Sankaber en Geech camp. The school has been erected in 2008 by an international foundation. They funded the buildings for the primary school. In 2013 two more buildings for the secondary school were added by Ethiopian sponsors.The school is located inside the Simien Mountains National Park and provides education for 539 children in primary school and 180 students in secondary school. Some of the children have to walk 2-3 hours one way each day to reach the school and get an education.As there are no structural sponsors anymore today the school is in desperate need of benches, reading desks and blackboards. They also need school materials like pens, pencils, notebooks etc.